What is the thread count?

You may have heard that, when deciding on bed sheets, a higher thread count (the number of threads per square inch) means the sheets are of higher quality. This not-so-golden rule is extremely misleading. Thread count most certainly matters, but higher is not always best because the quality of the fibres is what matters most. Additionally, thread counts only apply to measuring cotton, not to synthetic materials.
For instance, our specially crafted micro-polyester fibres are ten times finer than traditional cotton. They’re so small that they range from 1500-2500 in thread count, which linen aficionados would tell you is impossibly high. Think about it like apples to oranges. Rather than being measured by thread per square inch, micro-polyester is measured in “GSM” or grams per square meter.
GSM is measuring the sheet’s weight, so the higher GSM, the thicker the sheet is. But just like how a higher thread count doesn’t mean higher quality, the same forewarning applies here. Just because a sheet has a high GSM doesn’t mean it was made with the top-shelf fibre like the sheets from your favourite hotel. To find the dreamy sheets you’re seeking, consider the quality of its fibres first.

Oct 3, 2023

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