Products-Bed Sheets

  • Are these sheets made for deep pocket mattresses? How deep is the pocket?

    All of our fitted sheets are designed with a 35 centimetre pocket to fit all mattress types. They also have an elastic band that runs completely around the fitted sheet to ensure the sheets stay on the bed. We also have a size chart on our site under every product that has the exact dimensions of...
  • Do the sheets come with pillowcases?

    Yes, all of our sheet sets come with pillowcases to match. Our Double, King, and Super King sheet sets come with two pillowcases of the corresponding size. Our Single size contains one pillowcase per set.
  • What are the care instructions for the sheets?

    It is recommended to machine wash your sheets in warm or cold water (cold to preserve the linen for longer) and dry the linen on a low heat cycle in your dryer. High heat can damage the fibre inside of linens, causing them to break down. Since your sheets have some antimicrobial, they don’t need ...
  • What is the thread count?

    You may have heard that, when deciding on bed sheets, a higher thread count (the number of threads per square inch) means the sheets are of higher quality. This not-so-golden rule is extremely misleading. Thread count most certainly matters, but higher is not always best because the quality of th...
  • What type of material composes your sheets?

    Our Luxury Bamboo line is made of a high bamboo to microfibre blend. A customer-rated favourite, this is our heaviest and most luxurious line.
  • Where are the sheets made?

    Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured in the global textile empires of China. We source our products from the best supplies to ensure the highest quality and best prices for our customers.